Session 250

Foundational Issues in Research Methods

Track R

Date: Sunday, October 4, 2015


Time: 11:15 – 12:30

Interest Group Panel

Room: Governor's Square 10

Session Chair:

  • Karen Schnatterly, University of Missouri


Many junior faculty find themselves thinking, several years into their first position, ‘wow, I wish I’d learned that during my PhD program’. More senior faculty occasionally reflect on their PhD programs and wish they could have a ‘refresher’. As we move through our careers, our interaction with research methods, broadly interpreted, is likely to go through phases. In this session (and in sessions at future conferences), we hope to provide such a refresher, incorporating new ideas, dialog, teaching and interpretation approaches designed to engage any researcher at any level.

In this first session, we will begin with a conversation about the philosophy of science. This will include such questions as what is social science, what are the implications and likely errors for social scientists, what is theory, etc. How we ask questions (our philosophical approach) can inform our research structures, methodologies and approaches. If we always research using the same philosophical lens, what do we miss? From this we will move to the implications for research design, and what common problems can be overcome with careful research design. Common pitfalls and issues overlooked. We have assembled several faculty who have both experience and decided opinions about these issues to share their thoughts about not only these issues, but also thoughts about learning, relearning, incorporating into research and teaching to PhD students these issues.

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