Session 112

Acquisitions - Before the Deal

Track F

Date: Monday, October 5, 2015

Track X

Time: 16:45 – 18:00


Room: Governor's Square 12

Session Chair:

  • Sharon James, Arkansas State University

Title: Anticipatory Impression Management in Mergers and Acquisition Announcements


  • Jing Jin, Rice University

Abstract: This study whether CEOs engage in impression management at firms’ important strategic decision announcements, such mergers and acquisitions in this paper, and whether such impression management works in the short term. We tested hypotheses using S&P 1500 firms from 2002 to 2013. We find that CEOs are more likely to insert strategic noises when acquisition size is large, or when acquire a private target. In addition, CEOs are more likely to release positive information as strategic noises to manage impression, improving market reactions consequently.

Title: Double Down or Walk Away? The Effect of External Pressures on Acquisition Completion


  • Ram Ranganathan, University of Texas at Austin
  • Anindya Ghosh, Indian School of Business

Abstract: We focus on the outcome of announced acquisition bids, introducing the idea that while some firms push through value-destroying merger deals (errors of commission), others end up abandoning value-creating acquisitions (errors of omission). We examine the role that experience and external pressures play in the decision-making process that may lead to variation in these error types. In a cross-industry two decade sample of 6,325 acquirers, we find that firms that have executed more deals in the past tend to indulge in more risky acquisition behavior, completing deals that at announcement appear to be of inferior quality. In contrast, we find that firms under external pressure from negative analyst ratings tend to withdraw even from value-accretive deals.

Title: Pre-Acquisition Inter-Organizational Relationships between Acquiring and Acquired Firms As a Determinant of Post-Acquisition Innovation Performance


  • Tamanna Khan, University of Manchester
  • Marcela Miozzo, University of Manchester
  • Chiara Marzocchi, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

Abstract: This research examines the impact of different types of pre-acquisition inter-organizational relationships between high technology acquiring and acquired firms on post-acquisition innovation performance. It focuses on the question of whether and under what conditions prior relationships between the target and acquirer can lead to better acquisition outcomes. We explore knowledge access in pre-acquisition inter-organizational relationships and analyse whether different knowledge attributes such as whether alliances are exploratory and exploitation affect post acquisition innovation outcome. Our results show supports for the hypotheses that acquisitions with pre-acquisition alliances have better innovation performance than acquisitions without prior alliances.

Title: Searching For Greener Pastures: Acquirer's Reliance on Investment Banks in the Search for M&A premiums


  • Hyejin Cho, KAIST
  • Yoon-Suk Baik, KAIST

Abstract: How do investment banks’ advisory affect acquisition premiums? Departing from the static focus on the social-network aspect of investment banks in current literature, we use a dynamic context to highlight the search role of investment banks for evaluating target firms. Drawing on the behavioral theory of the firm, we hypothesize that acquirer’s reliance upon prior investment banks for subsequent acquisitions is based upon the relative performance of prior acquisitions to the aspiration level. Performance feedback determines the necessity of intensified search conducted by the acquirer which then determines whether current investment banks are retained for the subsequent acquisition. We further consider how acquisition premium varies with whether acquiring firms retain prior investment banks for the following acquisitions given positive and negative acquisition performance feedback.

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