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The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, founded in 2007, is targeted at publishing the most influential managerially oriented entrepreneurship research in the world. It is a research journal that publishes original work recommended by a developmental, double-blind review process conducted by peer scholars.  Strategic entrepreneurship involves innovation and subsequent changes which add value to society and which change societal life in ways that have significant, sustainable, and durable consequences.

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In 2022, across six key JCR scales (total citations, two-year impact factor, five-year impact factor, immediacy index, Eigenfactor score, article influence score), SEJ is 78th out of 226 in the Management category. SEJ is 64th out of 154 in the Business category.

In the most recent Journal Citation Report (released in June 2022), SEJ had a two-year impact factor of 5.761. SEJ has a five-year impact factor of 9.289.

In the last five years (2019 through 2022), SEJ received 1,549 original submissions from scholars based in 93 countries.

SEJ News

Congratulations to Our Authors!

SEJ is pleased to announce its top-cited papers of the last two years. Congratulations to these authors for this accomplishment!

Relationship between human capital, new venture ideas, and opportunity beliefs: A meta-analysis

Sergio Canavati, Dirk Libaers, Tang Wang, Soheil Hooshangi, Hessam Sarooghi

The impact of customer ties and industry segment maturity on business model adaptation in an emerging industry

Lien Denoo, Helena Yli-Renko, Bart Clarysse

Knowledge-based theory, entrepreneurial orientation, stakeholder engagement, and firm performance

Mathew Hughes, Paul Hughes, Ian Hodgkinson, Yi-Ying Chang, Che-Yuan Chang

Under pressure: Family financial support and the ambidextrous use of causation and effectuation

Ilija Braun, Philipp Sieger

What matters more for entrepreneurship success? A meta-analysis comparing general mental ability and emotional intelligence in entrepreneurial settings

Jared S. Allen, Regan M. Stevenson, Ernest H. O'Boyle, Scott Seibert

Microfinance and entrepreneurship at the base of the pyramid

Jasjit Singh, Pushan Dutt, Arzi Adbi

The impact of managerial job security on corporate entrepreneurship: Evidence from corporate venture capital programs

Joseph J. Cabral, Bill B. Francis, M. V. Shyam Kumar

The Track One Pilot Program: Who benefits from prioritized patent examination?

Jeffrey M. Kuhn, Mike H. M. Teodorescu

Shooting stars? Uncertainty in hiring entrepreneurs

Jeroen Mahieu, Francesca Melillo, Toke Reichstein, Peter Thompson

Entrepreneurial identity and strategic disclosure: Founder CEOs and new venture media strategy

Michael D. Howard, Johannes Kolb, Valerie A. Sy

Policy for innovative entrepreneurship: Institutions, interventions, and societal challenges

Steven W. Bradley, Phillip H. Kim, Peter G. Klein, Jeffery S. McMullen, Karl Wennberg

A meta-analysis of agglomeration and venture performance: Firm-level evidence

Blake D. Mathias, Brian T. McCann, Daniel S. Whitman

Entrepreneurial strategies during institutional changes: Evidence from China's economic transition

You (Willow) Wu, Charles E. Eesley, Delin Yang

Spin-offs' linkages to their parent universities over time: The performance implications of equity, geographical proximity, and technological ties

Daniela Bolzani, Einar Rasmussen, Riccardo Fini

Entrepreneurial space and the freedom for entrepreneurship: Institutional settings, policy, and action in the space industry

Wadid Lamine, Alistair Anderson, Sarah L. Jack, Alain Fayolle

Do policy makers take grants for granted? The efficacy of public sponsorship for innovative entrepreneurship

Regan Stevenson, Alexander S. Kier, Shannon G. Taylor

The (not so) dark side of entrepreneurship: A meta-analysis of the well-being and performance consequences of entrepreneurial stress

Michael P. Lerman, Timothy P. Munyon, David W. Williams

Founder team prior work experience: An asset or a liability for startup growth?

Niron Hashai, Shaker Zahra

In the eye of the beholder? The returns to beauty and IQ for the self-employed

Pankaj C. Patel, Marcus T. Wolfe

Dumb money or smart money? Meta-analytically unpacking corporate venture capita

Peiyuan Huang, Ravi Madhavan

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