SMS Interest Groups and Communities

Annual Interest Group & Community Business Meetings

The SMS Interest Groups and Communities will be hosting their Annual Business Meetings via Zoom from August 11 to August 30. All 2022 and 2023 SMS Members are invited to attend these meetings. Click below to learn more and register for the meetings you would like to attend!

The Interest Groups and Communities within the SMS provide another opportunity for our members to connect and network with those who have similar interests. We encourage all of our members to take advantage of the benefits the IG&Cs offer!

The primary purpose of the Interest Groups and Communities within the SMS is to act as a catalyst for building and disseminating new ideas in research, practice, and teaching around a set of core issues in strategic management. Each IG&C recognizes a major, individual stream of practice and research interest, and aims to serve the needs of members with special interests in this stream of work.

During each Annual Conference, the IG&Cs each foster a competitive track of research proposals, as well as several issue-specific sessions and workshops to cultivate new research in the field.

Members of the SMS can elect to join up to two IGs and any of the Communities of their choice; additional IGs may be added for a nominal fee.

IG & C Governing Documents