Current Calls for Volunteers

The Strategic Management Society is a membership-based organization that relies on the dedication and hard work of our volunteers to provide key programs and services for our members and the field. The Society is grateful for the hundreds of volunteers that make SMS programs possible! Below you will find roles that the Society is currently seeking candidates for. Please carefully review each position description, the requirements, and how to apply or express your interest in the position. If you have any questions regarding a position, please do not hesitate to reach out to the SMS Office at


July 1, 2022
Deadline to Submit Board of Directors Nomination Form
September 1, 2022
Deadline to Submit IG&C Leadership Interest Form

Interest in Standing for IG&C Leadership Elections due September 1, 2022

The SMS Interest Groups & Communities will hold elections in November for leaders that will begin terms in January 2023. If you are interested in serving in one of the roles listed below for an Interest Group or Community, you are invited to complete the form below by September 1, and we will share your information with the current leadership for consideration.  

  • Associate Program Chair, a one-year term as the Associate Program Chair, then the Program Chair, then the Chairperson, for a total of three years
  • Representatives at Large, a two-year term

Associate Program Chair:

This position is responsible for assisting the Program Chair in conducting all of the duties associated with the Program Chair activities. In practice, the holder of this position usually generates and coordinates IG&C workshops and Sunday panel sessions for the SMS Annual Conference. They may share this responsibility with other elected or appointed leaders (such as the Reps-at-Large or Engagement Officer), or be assigned other duties, as determined by the IG&C’s Chairperson. Emphasis is placed on bringing together both practitioners and academics with interests in the mission area of the IG through these IG&C specific sessions. 


While the roles and responsibilities for the Chairperson, Program Chair and Associate Program Chair are better defined, the Reps-at-Large role is a bit more open ended and can include a variety of different responsibilities. Below, please find different ways IG&Cs have engaged Reps at Large in past years:

  • Specific duties as assigned and communicated at the beginning of the year
  • Chairs or co-organizers of the Saturday Workshops and Sunday Sessions
  • Collect and create content for the IG&C newsletter
  • Help in recruiting candidates to stand for elections
  • Organize virtual group meetings

Interested SMS members can learn more about SMS Interest Groups and Communities here and should submit their interest form by Monday, September 1, 2022.