Organize an Extension Workshop


We invite you to organize an SMS Conference Extension! These one-day topical workshops take place in various cities that are within reasonable proximity of the main SMS conference city. Extensions can be organized for days prior to or following the main SMS conference. For your Extension to be considered, please submit a basic, one-page proposal detailing the potential conference organizers, theme, dates, and location to Laura Kozak at Below please find detailed information that will help in creating your proposal.


Necessary are a few key people (2-3) in each location to serve as the organizer/organizing committee for each Extension. The committee members will be responsible for the program content and the logistical arrangements of the Extension Workshop.


In coordination with the main SMS conference organizers, each Extension organizing committee will create a theme and program for the workshop that will typically consist of discussions with invited panelists and other workshop elements. Please note, Extensions are not meant to have a Call for Proposals/Papers or similar submission process.


Approximately 40-60 attendees are expected per Workshop. We assume the Extensions will be composed of 10-20 participants who also attend the main SMS conference, plus 30-40 local scholars/participants, who would use these workshops to interact with the individuals from the main SMS conference.


Each Workshop should be planned to include coffee breaks and a group luncheon; a workshop dinner is an option to be considered at the organizers’ discretion. Information and assistance for accommodation and travel should be provided by the organizers for posting on the SMS websites, but participants will be responsible for making these arrangements on their own. The hosting institution is expected to provide meeting space and some administrative support as part of its sponsorship of the Extension. Additional sponsorship support is welcome, but SMS is prepared to provide a portion of the registration fees on a reimbursement basis to offset food & beverage expenses for coffee breaks and the group luncheon as well as other expenses incurred during the Workshop.


Prior registration of all attendees through the SMS conference extension website will be required to allow planning. A registration fee of US $105 per participant will be charged per Workshop day to cover local and overhead expenses and to ensure commitment. To deter late registrations, the fee increases to US $135 for registration 3 weeks prior to the event. SMS members receive a $20 reduction for their registration.


The Extensions will be featured on the SMS conference website with information on program content and logistics as made available by the organizing committees. Additional local announcements and marketing of these events are welcomed. We ask that each Extension committee let us know of any marketing plans they have for the Workshop. The SMS will provide assistance as well as the proper SMS logos for collateral. Marketing materials carrying the SMS logo and name should be made available to the SMS Executive Office for review prior to information being made public.


We have created the following timeline for the planning of Extensions:

8 months prior to event

  • Establish location of Extension
  • Create Extension theme & brief description of program for SMS Extensions webpage
  • Confirm organizer/organizing committee
  • Begin inviting & confirming panelists

3 months prior to event

  • Confirm Extension panelists & speakers
  • Send biographies (100-150 words) and pictures for panelists & organizers for SMS Extensions webpage
  • Send additional details about city location for SMS Extensions webpage such as hotel options, transportation information, etc.
  • Tentative Extension schedule available for SMS Extensions webpage

1 month prior to event

  • Finalize Extension schedule of events
  • Make necessary updates to the SMS Extension website
  • Create and proof any marketing pieces for the Extensions

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